Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Competitions to Get a Bartending Job

Bartending is one of the nice career choices. You can earn a fair amount of money and also you can enjoy your work at a same time. You can meet more peoples in the pubs, bars and in casinos. If you think that this job is very easy to get then you are the world’s biggest fool. There are high competitions in the bartending job market. The best route to get this job is knowledge, you have to know your drinks and know your beers. Don’t worry there are multiple sources from where you can earn your knowledge. You can know some recipes through internet or go to the food section of your local bookstore. There you can get multiple books, brought as many as you can. Now come to the point. Competitions in bartending job market.

Getting a bartending job in a large major city is very competitive because the money can be so good. If you are experienced, they are looking to hire after get an interview. You should treat it like any job interview. If you come in looking like a schlub, they will think that you are the man for the job. You should look like you own one, at least. Also don’t pick up an application or drop off your resume looking like a schlub.

Once you get the job, it’s still competitive. People in the bar business don’t like change and don’t like new guy. If you are unable to work well they will try to break you in and try to get you to hate your job and quit. That’s their strategy. You will be treated as stupid and the rookie until you have earned their respect.

Anyway that is the competition in job market but it is a great job to do and earn a good amount of money.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Few tips to make friends online

Would you like to have more friends? You can get it from online. When you making friends online, be sure about that you don’t send a friend request or chat with fake friends. It’s hard to find true friends online but it’s very possible. But what is the secret of attracting friends? When you trying to make friends online, you have to attract strangers by your personality or style of talking.  It is not what we do that attracts friends; it’s how we think actually. If we change our thinking about others we can become good friends of others and will be able to make new friends. Don’t focus on the fault of others because it makes the people down. But when we focus on the positive sides of other people, the magical things happens then and we feel different about them. Here are some tips to making good friends and to attract new peoples.

1.No one is perfect in this world. Every man or woman has some faults as well as some good things to cherish. It’s very easy to pick up the faults of others instead of what is good or strong point of them. Remind that when you use a finger to pointing other’s fault, the rest of the fingers in your hand are towards you.

2.Smiling is one of the best parts in chatting or impressing others. When we smile, we become mindful and step out of our preoccupation. No matter how you connect with others, face to face or via social media; remember to smile. Your inner and outer smile will felt by others and may be it makes them happy in critical situations also.

3.Do you think about how others have treated you? Someone may be hurt you or made you unhappy, but you have to forget it because it these negative thoughts are corrosive and will harden your heart. So let them go and feel the beautiful present moment. It’s hard but possible. Try it out.

4.Be helpful, kind and grateful to others. It creates a good impression to the others and they also behave same to you. That’s the beauty of friendship.

Be aware of fake profiles in social media like Facebook, twitter etc. there are many fake profiles in internet now a days. Don’t fall in it. May be its hard to decide which one is fake and which one is real. Don’t worry. Just check some little things. Take a look at the person’s friend list and follower’s list, check out the mutual friends, and peruse profile pictures and albums carefully. These things can help you and if you find a fake profile, report it to the authorities. They will do the next steps.

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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Duties of a Bartender

Bar-tending is a service industry position that has a potential for significant earning potential with the right attitude and location choice. For example Las Vegas is a great location to do a job as a bartender. You have the opportunity to meet a good no of people every day, engage in conversation, and place your common drinks as a bartender. If you want to be a bartender in Las Vegas, you must first put in the time required to learn the craft and find a position in a restaurant or bar that will meet your financial needs.

There are few many things people don’t understand about being a bartender. In this blog I will discuss about these things.  It is hard but you need to understand that bar-tending job is more than being a professional bottle lifter. So please clear up your all misconceptions and keep these ideas in mind.

Bartenders probably do 10-12 hours shift and sometimes they don’t get any break. There are hours of prep works, hours of cleaning the bar, hours of catering and help others who are first time in this type of job.

A skilled bartender always wanted to make the best drink possible, but in a busy bar some bartenders can’t create best drinks all time. This is particularly true of inexperienced bartenders who don’t have their recipes memorized. So in a busy, bar experienced bartenders are needed.

A bartender should have a skill of multitasking and do everything at once.  People trust bartenders more than their therapists. So advice from a bartender seems to come with the same air of authority as a professional counselor, but without the baggage of ticking clock.

Tipping well is the number one way to get a bartender on your side but an experienced one can usually tell when you are trying to buy their friendship.

Some bartenders drink during their shift but not all of them. Some clubs don’t allow it and some bars don’t care about it.

If you are looking for drink advice, give a few hints to the bartender or ask what the bartender would be drinking if they were on other side of the bar.

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Monday, 1 September 2014

Earn More Tips as a Bartender

Are you a bartender and enjoy your job? Are you wanted to earn more money from the tipping? OK, don’t worry, here are some points you should look after. You will make more tips as a bartender than the person comes to work, puts his working hours in, serve and behave well and mixes a good cocktail. Get to know your regular customers as well as new customers. Make every customers feel better and showing them that you are delighted to see them again in your bar.

Keep your bar surface, cocktail glasses and preparation area clean. If your bar is clean and clear than any other bars in the town, more customers will come in your bar and more the customers come, you have a great chance to pay more as tip.

You should walk over to greet your customers and if you see a regular customer in your bar, address him/her by their name. The customer will feel important, welcomed when you do this.

You may score a bigger tip if you know the details about the customers whether they prefer no ice or a splash of soda in cocktail.

If a customer waits more than a couple of minutes for service, they will have a negative impact on you. When you see your customers glass empty, go and full it. So you need to be very efficient when waiting on customers, mixing drinks or operating cash counter.

You can create a special drink for an indecisive customer for a good tip from him.

Some customers are emotional and upset for something and want to talk, just listen them. You should not be involved in it, politely excuse yourself when necessary to wait on other customers. Be sure about that you don’t neglect anyone.
If a customer leaving you a solid tip after each round, you have a responsibility to give back something in return.

If you give poor service you will get poor tips and if you give a great service you will get a good tip, that’s the bottom line.

Now, at the end of it, from a customer’s point of view, you should tipping appropriately because it’s a good thing. Many people see how a person tips as a reliable gauge of characters. Show others that you are socially groomed and may cause people like you more. If you are ever comped any food or drink, your tip should equal the amount of the price of the drink or food.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Some Information About Las Vegas Club Events

Las Vegas is one of the big cities where we can find bars, casinos, clubs and restaurants in many number. The nightlife of  Las Vegas is amazing and you will enjoy that even more than your cities for sure. No cities in the world can compete with the concerts, shows, events and adventures in Las Vegas. World renowned performers and so many talented performers performed in the bars and clubs regularly or any given weekends. The town also dominates the top 10 spots, with seven Las Vegas clubs bringing in more than $26 million per year. Club in Las Vegas these days not only have the world’s best DJs but they bring the whole EDC experiences nearly every night.

Vegas visitors would be hard pressed to find a more happening destination with local deals and events daily. With everything from professional bull riding to beauty pageants, there’s always a good reason for a Las Vegas getaway. Once you have your dates we will help you to build the experiences that is perfect for your travel type. 
There are few many club events in Las Vegas every night. The Beatles, one of the best rock band of the world; Jersey Boys; Mac kings comedy magic shows are the great upcoming Las Vegas club events. The people who want to see some adult shows after drinking in the clubs can watch the performances of “jubilee”, “fantasy”, “crazy girls”, “thunder from down under”. Circus lovers can watch “ka”, “the beatles love”, “le reve”, “zumanity”.

Gallery nightclub, chateau nightclub, Haze nightclub, XS the nightclubs, TAO are some of the great club in Las Vegas. So many comedy shows, adult shows, rock music mania, DJ shows performed every night and the big parties held on weekends.

Las Vegas is one of the best holiday destinations in the world; there is no lack of entertaining tours in the city. For the most adventurous there are more trilling and extreme things to do, here you can find amazing parks and recreational areas, just perfect for a day trip or for overnight camping. Nightclubs in Las Vegas are naughty, sexy, trendy, sophisticated. The weekend is here and it's time to celebrate Vegas season with the biggest names in music, comedy and an unrivalled club scene. For a complete show you can visit here.
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Las Vegas bartender

Known for its casinos, strip clubs, bars and hotels, Las Vegas is considered by some to be the bartending Mecca, and certainly one of the best bartending towns in America. The hustle and bustle of the city employs hordes of bartenders who serves local and tourists at all hours of the day. All of this demand creates quite a bit of competition, as you can expect, and plenty of establishments will think twice before hiring you if you don’t have any experience under your belt. If you have never worked as a bartender before, bartending schools will be the best option for you. There are some bartending schools like “ABC BARTENDING SCHOOL”, “ACE BARTENDING SCHOOL”, and “NATIONAL BARTENDERS SCHOOL” in Las Vegas.

These schools says that they will teach you “Las Vegas style bartending” in a week or two and they will provide a qualification class to help you obtain your alcohol awareness card. The work cards are the most important parts of the entire process. Since you have no work cards, you are useless, and they are tossing your application in the garbage. You also need Sheriff’s card, Police card, Health card.
To find out where to obtain these cards you should consult with the sponsors. Also to find out locations and details on qualifying for the cards, contact the Las Vegas Metropolitan police department.

Well, you must know your responsibilities and liabilities, it not only protects the local community and the economy but it also protects the clientele visiting the city.

Here the economy is great, the weather is pleasant, the cost of living is very low, the peoples are well behaved and housing is inexpensive. Come and get it!!!!!

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Why you Should Date a Bartender?

If that cute bartender of the bar you visit most often has asked for your contact number, then you surely can give it without being scared of going out on a date.You have many reasons to date them as all bartenders are not players.

1. The best reason is of course, you can get free drinks when you visit that favorite bar of yours.

2. You must have heard about Matt Damon, that handsome guy who acted in The Bourne Identity. Well…he met his wife in a bar where she worked as a bartender. They have now 4 lovely daughters.

3. They are calm and do not burst our easily as they have to adjust to obnoxious behavior many a times in their bar.
4. They are both great listeners and great talkers. They are patient and are not bored easily. You will actually have a great time with them. They are charming and they master the art of small talk.

5. Cocktails. You will have the privilege of drinking cocktails even when at home.

6. Bartenders are use to being on the receiving end of drunken flirtation and hence, they value their relationship. He/she would appreciate your presence in their lives.

7. They have seen and experienced it all. So even if you are too weepy after few drinks, they would not be scared and drop you home safe.

You will also have few nights for yourself and your friends.

9. You will enjoy the attention your partner gets in a room.

10. They are dreamers and they usually have a dream beyond bartending. Think about Sandra Bullock, Bruce Willis and few others.

These are the 10 reasons for dating a bartender and there is no harm in giving it a try.

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